System for the comprehensive evaluation of personality - Expert System For Complex Personality Analysis (ESCPA).


Expert system of complex analysis of personality is strong in the following:
1. Innovative technology of evaluation of personality in activities
2. Uniqueness of ESCPA is approved by the patents;
3. Speed - time for examination is around 10 minutes;
4. Accessibility - online resource is available 24/7/365;
5. Unlimited data base with expert evaluations;
6. Convenience:
- Increase of HR professionals effectiveness - examination is conducted out of office
- Unlimited number of tests can be conducted at the same time
- Multilevel and comprehensive evaluation of personality in activities

As well:
1. High reliability and authenticity;
2. Connection with the system of quality management (SQM);
3. Health and professional longevity preservation;
4. Increase of staff effectiveness within such criterium as decrease of sick leave days up to 3 times;
5. Evaluation of creativity potential and ways of its development;
6. Evaluation of team roles;
7. Professional orientation of personality
8. Evaluation within key competences in a concrete company;
9. Possibility to manage talents in the company (system of talents management).

Patent: 2473308 "Method of assessing the prevailing type of personality (variants)" 


Patent: 149593 " Expert System For Complex Personality Analysis (ESCPA)".